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Price: $56.00

Manufacturer: HomA
Manufacturer Part No: 8574-35, 3,5,6
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Perch Ceramic Bird Houses are truly one of a kind for more than just their eye-catching hexagonal design. With a pointed top and flat bottom, they can be placed on a deck, tree stump, or other surface or hung from a branch or beam using the pre-made top holes. Available in vibrant colors and sporting a large door hole to allow most birds to perch comfortably on the lip, the Perch Ceramic Bird House is sure to be a hot spot for all of your avian neighbors. Each Perch Ceramic Bird House measures 5.5 x 8 inches and comes with an 18-inch hanging rope. They are available in green, amber, white, blue. ( Sorry, Coral in picture is no no longer available )
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